Dolphins at Cape May Point State Park

July 2004 - Sunbathers on the Cape May Point State Park beach got a surprise visit -a school of dolphins, with young in tow, came within feet of the sand.

Dolphins are seen from Cape May area beaches almost daily during the summer - but rarely this close to shore.

Some follks waved frantically or grabbed their cameras or binoculars. Others barely budged, preferring their summer novel over the sea show.


Watching dolphins is a test of patience. You never know when or where they'll come up next. You might see some fins skirting the water's surface, then nothing. Then suddenly, an entire dolphin explodes from the water - then disappears just as quickly.

Why were the dolphins so close to shore ? Could be they were herding the baby dolphins to safer waters.

Along the way, they probably picked up a quick meal - stopping to munch on some tasty fish.

Dolphins spend thier summers in the warm waters off Cape May.

To get even closer looks at these marine creatures, consider taking one of the dolphin and whale watching trips that leave from Cape May Harbor every day.

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