2011 Christmas Tours


Cape May, NJ - For people who love to peek inside other people's homes, Christmas in Cape May offers many … [Read more...]

Winter’s Coming


Cape May, NJ -  You get a glimpse of it on the newly empty streets on a Monday afternoon. There's a whiff of it … [Read more...]

Santa, and company, in Cape May 2011


Cape May, NJ - Santa and one of his elves are hiding out in Cape May for a few weeks. They came complete with … [Read more...]

2011 Big Christmas Weekend in Cape May


Cape May, NJ - In Cape May, the biggest holiday weekend of the year isn't Christmas weekend. It's three weeks … [Read more...]

Frost Free Zone


Cape May, NJ -  You can still see some annual flowers blooming along the beachfront.  It's November 21 and we … [Read more...]

Cape May Bird Feeder Time


Here in Cape May, the warblers have migrated, the leaves have fallen from many trees, and robins are ravaging the … [Read more...]

November Fog


Cape May, NJ - An eerie November fog shrouded Cape Island this week. At any moment, you could imagine the … [Read more...]

Betty’s Sweetgum Tree


Cape May, NJ  - Every fall, a certain sweetgum tree pulls out all the stops and lights up our Cape May yard with … [Read more...]

Purple Cauliflower


New Jersey's known for its tomatoes and asparagus, its strawberries and blueberries. Now local farmers have a … [Read more...]