Cape May Foodie: Mexican Heaven

Cape May, NJ -  Cape May Foodie and friend were wandering around on a chilly day,  looking for lunch.  An open sign beckoned.  They said, why not?

The outside was not much to look at. The place looked closed.  But the sign did say open. Once inside 5 de Mayo, Cape May foodie and friend were sure they had stumbled into a big city Mexican restaurant.

Perfect cheese enchiladas, covered with sublime green chili sauce, tastefully presented.

Guacamole as good as the best in NYC.

Exquisite Caldo de Camarones – a shrimp soup with vegetables, served with warm tortillas.

Cape May foodie and friend were so very happy.

So happy, in fact, that they dragged two urban visitors, craving good Mex, to the spot the next week.

The Chimichangas, visitor one said, were the best she had ever had.

House fajitas came as a steaming melange of steak, chicken and shrimp. Visitor number two said little. He was too busy eating.

Turns out, this unassuming place, 5 de Mayo, on Route 109 across from the docks as you come into Cape May, got a new breath of life this fall.

A woman from Oaxaca, Mexico took over the kitchen late in October.  Margarita Reyes is the former owner of Reyes restaurant in Wildwood.

Since then, customers have been raving about the authentic Mexican food. No wonder. It is.

You might run into Reyes’ daughters or her granddaughter. This is a true family restaurant.

And the place is vegetarian friendly – there’s no lard in the beans.

Cape May Foodie’s planning a return trip in January.  Senora Reyes and 5 de Mayo plan to stay open seven days a week this winter.

Mexican heaven in Cape May.

What:  5 De Mayo
Meals: Lunch and Dinner
Where: 1246 Route 109 South, Cape May,  NJ
Phone: 609-884-5847


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