Cape May’s Warm New Year

Cape May, NJ – Many times, people hope their New Year’s Eve is hot. This year, it definitely was warm.  Before her long  New Year’s Eve night ahead, a Lobster House waitress was enjoying the ocean and the sun in a tee shirt and bare feet Saturday afternoon.

A couple from Scranton  came to Cape May for New Year’s Eve and a nice dinner at the Peter Shields Inn. They didn’t count on having a beach day as well.

Two young women from Baltimore found a secluded spot, out of the wind, to work on their tans. Yes this picture was taken on December 31.

Cape May approached it’s all time record temperature for the day – 62 degrees set in 1992 -  according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures were mighty close to that on some spots on Cape Island. If you were right at the shore, the temps were a touch cooler.

It was a glorious way to ring out the old New Year and bring in the New Year.  Whether you were sun bathing, walking or biking. Another round of sunshine for all.

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