First Snow of 2012

Cape May, NJ – Cape May’s first snowfall of the year was little more than a light dusting.  Local residents woke up to see snow, but not much of it.

Barely two tenths of an inch coated some grass and sidewalks overnight. At the Cape May Winery on Townbank Road, the ground was a mix of green grass and white snow.  It was the same story in other communities along the coast.

This light first snow comes days after Cape May posted its warmest December in history.  See Warmest December Story.

With temperatures set to rise well above freezing today, there’s little chance this early snow will stay around very long.

That’s in stark comparison to previous winters.

Last winter, Cape May got hammered with snow in a day after Christmas storm.

The year before, the famous Blizzards of February 2010 cut off power for days and left a total of  four feet of snow behind in a massive one two punch.

This time around, no need to plow any streets. If you want to take photos, better get there quick before the snow melts this afternoon.

Anyone waiting for a blizzard this year might have a long wait.