One Day of Snow and Winter

Cape May, NJ – A quiet Sunday morning in Cape May.  Just  two years ago this weekend, we were recovering from the biggest blizzard to ever hit the area.

But this morning, we were driving around town, looking at a little less than an inch of snow – and it was a big deal. It was the most snow Cape May has seen all winter. Click here for more on the exceptionally warm winter.

For one night and one morning, Cape May got a taste of what winter used to be like:  The mix of rain from Saturday night with the snow coated the promenade and some side streets with ice, making walking treacherous early in the day.

Westerly winds of 25+ miles per hour whipped Cape May for almost an entire day.  Gusts of nearly 40 miles per hour and temps in the low 20s were enough to take your breath away if you were facing the wrong direction.

You could tell which way the wind was blowing. Only roofs facing east still had coatings of snow Sunday morning.

The inch of snow glazed  the Victorian skyline.

And then,  it was over.

Aside from a slippery promenade and a snowy park,  it was business as usual on a blustery Sunday morning.

So, was that winter?

Temperatures this week are already warming, heading to the high 40′s and even the 50′s. Sunday’s snow is already history.

Unless March comes in like a big league lion, winter’s worst – all one day of it – could well be behind us this year.