Sandy the Day After


  Cape May, NJ - Yesterday, these houses were across the street from the beach. This morning, the … [Read more...]

Sandy Getting Stronger


Sandy's still out at sea and yet, even on the lee side of the Cape May peninsula, water levels are rising to … [Read more...]

Life in Cape May: Lockdown for Sandy


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Cape May Point Braces for Sandy


Cape May Point, NJ - The sign on Sunset Boulevard says it all. Cape May Point residents are being told in no … [Read more...]

Life in Cape May: Prepping for Hurricane Sandy


Cape May -  I'm checking the National Hurricane Center website once again, sifting through tea leaves, trying to … [Read more...]

Waiting for Sandy


Cape May, NJ - Living in Cape May in the fall is a lesson in watchful waiting. We don’t get hurricanes here every … [Read more...]

Life in Cape May: Back Bay in October


October turns the marsh grasses to gold in the back bay. The back bay is that slice of water wedged between … [Read more...]

Butterflies in the Garden


Cape May - Garlic chives. How could a plant with a name like that prove irresistible to swarms of Painted … [Read more...]

Halloween Parade 2012


Cape May, NJ -  The annual Halloween parade brought out some very creatively dressed goblins this year. They … [Read more...]