Cape May Point Braces for Sandy

Cape May Point, NJ – The sign on Sunset Boulevard says it all. Cape May Point residents are being told in no uncertain terms to get out of dodge.

As the storm approached Sunday morning, some said they will, some said they won’t.

Chris Wimberg plans to stay. He’s been taking photos with his cellphone and posting them on Twitter – @capemaypoint.  He was at it again this morning, on the Stites Ave. beach overlook.

He’s not the only one hunkering down. Other Point residents, out for a morning look at the surly ocean, said they planned to ride out Sandy as well. And they knew others who were doing the same thing.

Birders at St. Mary’s overlook were more focused on the gannets just beyond the surf, than the wind and the waves.  Although they said they planned to leave eventually, you got the feeling these diehard birders could be persuaded to stick around if the birding got even better.

Over at the Red Store, the Point’s gathering spot, residents stopped by for their morning coffee and pastry before they hit the road.  There was no staff on hand this AM, just the owner Lucas Manteca.

He and his family plan to stay put during the storm, to secure the store.  He joked that he hoped he wouldn’t wake up to an ocean view.

This morning’s high tide at the Point brought the sea all the way up to the beach grass. Normally the ocean stays dozens of feet from the dune.

Monday’s high tides are likely to take the water level even higher, possibly eroding parts of the recently replenished dune.


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