Halloween Parade 2012

Cape May, NJ -¬† The annual Halloween parade brought out some very creatively dressed goblins this year. They marched down Carpenter’s Lane and Washington Street Sunday, showing off their handmade, original costumes:

Two little ducklings brought their own barnyard.

Go get ‘em – a dancer strikes a confident pose.

Two for the road, with giant matching hats. At least Dad’s happy.

This twosome was really a onesome.  He fooled you.

Young goblins in the dark shadows.

Black and white and red all over.

A homemade crab – costume not cake.

More black and white this year.

Grimacing  and bearing it.

The Lorax makes a colorful appearance.

The parade’s sponsored by the city of Cape May every October.

If you missed out and want to march next year, start working on your costume now!