Sandy the Day After


Cape May, NJ – Yesterday, these houses were across the street from the beach. This morning, the beach has come to them.

The eastern end of Cape May’s Beach Ave. had a major shifting of the sands, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey coast Monday evening, packing gusts up to 90 miles per hours. Most of Cape May escaped without major damage, but the beaches took a battering from the fierce winds and high tides.

The storm left a layer of packed, wet sand six feet deep over Beach Ave., near Wilmington Ave. Work crews were trying to dig through Sandy’s leftovers first thing this morning.

It was slow going. In case there’s any doubt just how deep the sand is, take a look at this street sign:

Further down Beach Ave. near Congress Hall, the storm left pools of sea water where there once was only sand.

Cape May Point’s beach also took a drubbing. Some of the sand replenishment is gone. But St. Mary’s and the rest of the Point dodged major damage.

Considering the storm’s impact on local beaches, Hurricane Sandy could not have had a better name.