Cape May Ferry Crossing

Cape May, NJ – A lazy summer day on the Cape May Lewes Ferry.   What do you do when you have over an hour to kill in the middle of the Delaware Bay, between Lewes and Cape May?

There’s nothing more Zen-like than staring out to sea, especially if it’s a sunny, calm day on the bay.


There are always some birders in the crowd – you can spot them a mile away. They carry fancy binoculars. The ferry’s not a bad place to see seabirds. A poor man’s pelagic trip, that’s what birders call the ride from Lewes to Cape May.

You don’t need binoculars to see dolphins frolicking close by. Often they come right up to the ship. But, if you want to take a photo of them, you’d better be fast.

Otherwise, all you’ll get is a couple of splash marks in the water.

Some people like to stay close to their cars, or even in them…You just never know when you’ll reach dry land.
(You can tell they’re Cape May ferry newbies.)

Others are oblivious to their surroundings. You can tell they’ve done this trip before.

And there are some folks who never cease to be hungry or thirsty.  For those travelers, the ferry becomes a floating restaurant.

They know that there will always be some eager scout, manning the telescope, ready to shout the moment he sees land, just like they do in the movies.


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