Cape May A to Z

Cape May, NJ -  Two years ago, Paige Cunningham had an idea.
Why not get the entire Cape May community involved in an art project.

Not just a few local artists.
Not just some school kids.

It was a radical idea.

The result:  Cape May A to Z, a picture book with one jointly produced image for each letter of the alphabet.  Local artist Janet Payne came up with the book’s mosaic concept.

The originals currently are on display at the Mad Batter Restaurant, where they’ll be auctioned off this week.

Cunningham, an art teacher, and artist Janet Payne traveled around the area, taking photos of iconic Cape May images, like the lighthouse, a kite, an osprey.  Then, they blew up the photos and divided each image into squares.

The two collaborators took their images everywhere, encouraging people to color in a two and a half inch square.

Among the many contributors – people at the Cape May Post Office, on the Washington Street Mall, at the West Cape May Farmers’ Market, in the Victoria Manor Nursing Home.

The result: 27 canvases composed of 1728 squares.  Cape May A to Z started out as a picture book for kids but evolved into a pictorial guidebook to Cape May,  done by the people who know and love Cape May the best.

All 27 original canvases for Cape May A to Z are being auctioned off at the Mad Batter Restaurant Wednesday evening, October 9, from four to seven PM.

Copies of the book will also be available for sale.
In the spirit of the book, proceeds of the auction will benefit several Cape May non profit groups.


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