West Cape May Lima Bean Festival, At Last! 2013

Cape May, NJ – Empanada Mama was serving up her famous flaky pastries filled with lima bean succotash.  The Good Earth Restaurant was ladling out cups of homemade lima bean pasta fagioli soup.  Bliss Ice Cream had dozens of containers of homemade lima bean ice cream at the ready.

All seemed almost normal at West Cape May’s annual homage to the lowly lima. But the weekend nor’easter took its toll.

Because of the weather, the Wilbraham Park festival had to be postponed twice. First to Sunday. Then to Monday. As a result, some vendors were a no show.  And the crowds were thinner than usual.

Organizer Diane Flanegan, wearing lima bean earrings and the latest Lima Bean Festival tee shirt, said she was just happy the show was going on.

She said many vendors make specialty items just for the one day festival, like the lima based ice cream and soup. Without a festival, they’d be stuck with gallons of food.

In addition to the food items, there are also hundreds of lima bean tee shirts and hats produced for the event and even specialty lima bean pottery, created by the Madd Potter store and sold only at the festival.

Local businesses count on the festival for fall sales. The uncertainties caused by the storm delays made everyone a little crazy.

The Flying Fish, which designs a new Lima Bean tee shirt every year, didn’t realize just how on target the message on their 2013 Lima Bean Festival tee shirts would be.


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