Cape May New Year’s Snow 2014

Cape May, NJ – The New Year’s snow storm that shut down travel in the Northeastern United Sates dumped an unexpected six to eight inches of  powdery snow in the Cape May area. The National Weather Service had predicted two to four inches.

Thirty mile per hour winds pummeled the shore Friday, creating snow drifts up to two feet deep in places.

Although roads were plowed early, streets from Beach Avenue to Seashore Road remained slick throughout the day.

Temperatures plummeted yesterday, turning the roads into treacherous ice ways. Most streets were empty. By this morning, the air temperature was down to five degrees, a record for today.

The New Year’s snow transformed Cape May into a frozen winter wonderland, complete with snow covered beaches and dunes.

The heavy coating of snow bowed down evergreen trees and shrubs everywhere.

Many homes still had their holiday decorations up, adding to the snow’s ambiance.

It might have been cold and windy and slippery and wet, but it sure was pretty in Cape May Friday. And, because of the cold temperatures, we’ll still have the snow for at least another day.

Just bundle up and walk carefully if you venture out.



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Jane Kashlak - a journalist, gardener and Cape Island resident - is writing a book.