Cape May Snowed Out 2014

Cape May, NJ -  Cape May’s Painted Ladies waited patiently all day Tuesday, as the much anticipated coastal snowstorm dropped up to 13 inches of snow inland and further north.  For much of the day, the serious snowfall was just an hour’s drive away.

By this morning, after the vicious storm swirled just beyond and around us,  the Cape May area escaped with less than 3 inches of snow – 2.8 inches the official count by the National Weather Service.

Stiff wind gusts swept the snow from parts of the beach and stirred up mega waves along the Atlantic Ocean.

Temperatures dropped into the low teens. Only very hardy souls could tolerate the almost negative wind chill.

Larry Wietsma was one of them, clearing his driveway on Cape Island early this morning.

Jenn from Cape May’s Post Office was another, bundled up and out delivering mail on Hughes St.

The chilly temperatures are supposed to stay with us until the weekend, FYI.

This latest snow wasn’t close to the snowfall we got right after New Year’s,  when six to eight inches of snow covered the island.

Of course, even just a couple of inches of snow turns Cape May into a winter wonderland, dressing up homes both large…

And small.

It’s been an eventful weather month so far, with two snowstorms plus bone chilling temperatures that partially froze the Cape May Canal and Delaware Bay.

If the exceptionally cold wind chills continue, we could see more pictures of frozen waterways.

National Weather Service meteorologist Gary Szatkowski said on Twitter today that he’s concerned about the threat of more cold outbreaks in the next three to four weeks, cold weather that could cause more ice to form on local rivers and bays.

As Szatkowski said, it looks like a real winter is setting in.

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Jane Kashlak - a journalist, gardener and Cape Island resident - is writing a book.