Frozen Delaware Bay 2014

North Cape May, NJ – How cold is it? For the second time in a month, it’s cold enough to partially freeze the Delaware Bay.

No, this is not Antarctica. This is what the Delaware Bay looked like this morning near North Cape May, after several days of bitter cold temperatures. It was just two weeks ago that we saw a similar scene.

Once again, the bay is white almost to the horizon. One old jetty was covered completely in frozen salt water early this morning.

The National Weather Service in Mt. Holly had predicted several days ago, right after Cape May’s latest snowstorm, that continuing cold temperatures would mean more freezing of area waterways.

The wind chill has hovered near the single digits since then, going as low as minus one at 8 o’clock this morning.

It’s no wonder the bay is turning into an Arctic landscape. A ferocious west wind is continuing to push ice right onto the beach. You can no longer tell where the beach ends and the bay begins.

Right now, temperatures are expected to peek above freezing just twice in the next week. The benches along Beach Drive are wide open. Enjoy the awesome view while it lasts.


About Jane Kashlak

Jane Kashlak - a journalist, gardener and Cape Island resident - is writing a book.