Cool Cape May Turns Cold in January 2014

Cape May, NJ – If you thought it was colder than usual in January, you were right.

The final temperatures for the month are in. Cape May’s average temperature in January was a measly 30.5 degrees, a whopping five degrees lower than usual.

If you want to feel even chillier, consider this: according to the National Weather Service stats,  three single digit temperature days in Cape May set new daily records for low temperatures. We’re talking temps as low as three degrees. Low enough to freeze the Cape May Canal.

It was just two years ago that we were reporting on a very balmy start to the New Year. We even had photos of people sunning on the beach on January 1, 2012.

In contrast, this year, we had ten days in January where the temperature never even got above the freezing point, even in the middle of the day.

The Concrete Ship at Sunset Beach looked like a scene from the Arctic this month, as did the Delaware Bay.

We don’t often see those bodies of water freeze over.

Local homeowners also don’t often see their pipes freeze in Cape May, but there was an epidemic of frozen pipes in January.

Seesaw Weather

Despite the super cool / downright chilly days, our average temperature for the month could have been even lower if it weren’t for the weather’s seesawing between extremes.

Seven days in January actually hit highs of over 50 degrees. One day, January 11, set a record for a new daily average temperature – 52 degrees, almost 20 degrees higher than the normal average!

Snow and More Snow

Cape May not only set some records for temperature swings in January. We also got more snow earlier in the month than ever before.

Our total snowfall for the month, 16 inches, doesn’t break any records. But it is still an amazing number when you consider that Cape May accumulates, on average, just four inches of snow in a normal January.

This certainly wasn’t a normal January.

Many of us will remember it as the month Cool Cape May turned into downright cold Cape May!

About Jane Kashlak

Jane Kashlak is a journalist, a gardener and a Cape Island resident. She's also Cape May Times' photographer. She founded Cape May Times after a long and lively career in TV news.