Cape May’s Record Breaking March Snow 2014


Cape May, NJ – March 2014 is now the undisputed champion, holding title to the snowiest March on record in Cape May.

After yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day snowfall, Cape May has a total of 12 and a half inches of snow for the month, more than any other March on record.


Yesterday’s  snowfall also set a a new record for the amount of snow on the ground on St. Patrick’s Day. When all was said and done, the National Weather Service added 8 inches of snow to Cape May’s snow total.

West Cape May got a little more – nine inches of snow from this new storm. And Wildwood Crest beat out everyone with 11 inches of snow.

Because the snow actually started the night before, the one record the storm left standing was for actual snowfall on March 17, set in 1931.   If the snowstorm had started after midnight, that record would have been demolished as well.


We now have had two significant winter storms in March in South Jersey. In both storms, Cape May got hammered while Northern portions of New Jersey escaped.

See photos from the storm earlier this month..

Even if we don’t get another flake of snow this month, the new March record stands. However, meteorologists on Twitter are reluctant to call an end to this winter’s never ending snow just yet.


About Jane Kashlak

Jane Kashlak is a journalist, a gardener and a Cape Island resident. She's also Cape May Times' photographer. She founded Cape May Times after a long and lively career in TV news.