The Perfect Snow – Cape May March 25, 2014


Cape May, NJ -  Cape May got blasted with the fringe end of the major league snow storm that is hitting New England and Nova Scotia today. We  got a fresh half foot of snow overnight.

Lucky for us the monster Atlantic winter storm stayed far enough out to sea to spare New Jersey any serious damage.   For us it was the perfect snow.

Last night’s heavy flakes gilded tree limbs and houses across Cape Island with a nice, thick coating of white.

Yes there was wind,. but not too much. Yes it was a bit chilly, but not too much. Yes the streets were a bit slick, but not too much.

The snow was heavy enough to stick, but light enough to be easily brushed or shoveled away. The perfect snow.

Cape May’s tree lined Washington Street glistened this morning.


With the two prior March snow storms, we’ve already set the record for the snowiest March on record in Cape May. This latest six inches of snow is the most we’ve ever received on this date in March. But believe it or not, it is not the latest March snowfall ever recorded here.

According to the National Weather Service records, Cape May received a half inch of snow on March 28, 1894.


Three major snowstorms in the month of March were just the capper to a cold, snowy, icy winter that started hurling snow balls at Cape May right after the first of the year.

Right now, we are holding our breath, hoping this late March perfect snow is our last for the season.




About Jane Kashlak

Jane Kashlak is a journalist, a gardener and a Cape Island resident. She's also Cape May Times' photographer. She founded Cape May Times after a long and lively career in TV news.