Spring 2014 or Winter: What Season is it Anyway?

Cape May, NJ -  Today we officially mark the first day of Spring 2014.  Everyone is aching for Spring to get here and stay here, after this long, cold winter.  And the weekend ahead certainly sounds like a Spring weekend.

But, before we pack up our winter coats for good, lets look back a week.

Last Saturday, March 15 was an amazing day. After weeks of bone chilling weather, the temperature soared to 64 degrees in Cape May.  Looked like Spring. Felt like Spring.

The Sykes family from Atlantic County drove down to Cape May just to stroll on the promenade and soak up some rays.

Good thing they made the trip when they did.

Just two days later, on March 17, this was the same promenade:

Cape May got socked with an unusual  St. Patrick’s Day snowstorm.

Same story for the folks who sat peacefully on the bench enjoying last Saturday’s afternoon sun, thinking the long cold winter was a thing of the past.

This was that scene two days later:

This week, even as we look forward to another warm weekend, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service is cautioning that we could see a big dip in temperatures next week – as much as 25 degrees below normal.

He calls these temperature fluctuations abnormal, even for a transition month like March.

So, we could have a repeat performance this weekend, with temperatures set to soar to a balmy 60 degrees on Saturday – perfect Spring weather – followed by a possible wintry, coastal storm next week.

Even the weather experts aren’t guaranteeing what late March will bring.

That nice couple from Doylestown, Pa. who spread their beach blanket on Cove Beach last Saturday timed their visit just right.


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