Where to Plant Daffodils

Cape May, NJ – This year’s spring crop of pretty yellow daffodils makes you want a few for your house.  Sounds like a good idea. But where would you plant them?

Daffodils are the most forgiving of flowers.  They tolerate, even thrive on, neglect.  They’re very sociable. They just love being in groups.  They know how to share a space with other plants. And you won’t have to worry about watering them all year long.  They should be every town’s favorite flower.

Take a look at some photos of daffodils springing up around Cape May, New Jersey to get ideas for your fall bulb planting.

Daffodils along the the wrought iron fence above return every spring, bigger and more colorful than before.   Hard to believe the space they’re taking up is less than a foot wide.

A front yard squeezed in a few daffodil bulbs around a tree where nothing much would grow and what a great color pop against the blue.

Who says you have to have a yard to grow daffodils? These perky yellow blooms are popping up from a narrow planter along a driveway.  Kudos to whoever thought this up. It would have been a drab looking entrance without the flowers.

Same for this sidewalk display, making what could have been a wasted space along the street into a fun spring garden. Just imagine if everyone thought like this!

On one Cape May corner, some local residents created a daffodil still life, with smaller bulbs surrounding taller varieties.  One thing to know when you’re planting daffodils, make sure you dig each hole twice as deep as the bulb size. Bigger bulbs are planted deeper than smaller bulbs.

Of course if you have lots of room, what better thing to do than have lots of yellow and white daffodils mixed with blue hyacinths. A classic combination. Make a note.

But even if the only space you have is a little dirt along a white picket fence,  plant some daffodils this fall and that fence will never be the same again.

About Jane Kashlak

Jane Kashlak - a journalist, gardener and Cape Island resident - is writing a book.