Cory Booker Running in Cape May

Cape May, NJ – It was 8AM on a holiday weekend and the early birds were just hitting their stride on the promenade.  At the far end of Beach Avenue, a group of runners was waiting patiently.  All of a sudden, sliding right into the throng, there was Cory Booker, ready to run.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker kicked off his first 2014 Run with Cory campaign event in Cape May Saturday morning. The Cape Island Runners’ Club and other local runners joined the Senator for the early morning sprint along the promenade.booker2
It’s the first of many runs he’ll be doing up and down the state in this election year.

A visit by a U.S. Senator had been a rare thing in Cape May.  That changed when the newly elected Senator Booker stopped by the seashore town on a cold, rainy day in January, walking along a deserted Washington Street Mall. 

Come back in the summer, everyone told him.

So he did. The Senator spent a good part of this 4th of July weekend in Cape May, popping in on holiday events and taking photos with the locals and tourists.

Even before the running started, there were photos by the beach.

Booker, who has become a social media giant on Twitter, is turning the selfie into the new political handshake.


After his run on the promenade, Booker mingled with folks at Cape May’s Independence Day parade.

The night before, he hit the Congress Hall festivities and even got down to Sunset Beach for the flag lowering ceremonies. Booker also squeezed in time for a fundraiser at Congress Hall owner Curtis Bashaw’s home.

The popular Booker faces Republican Jeff Bell in November. Bell ran for the Senate once before, back in 1978. The Republican candidate, who is now 70, lost to a New Jersey Democratic political newcomer back then by the name of Bill Bradley.

Even though it’s not Labor Day yet and even though Booker’s ahead in the polls, Cory Booker ‘s running hard.  Cape May is just the beginning. The Senator / runner has miles to go and many more selfies ahead.


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