Cape May Seafood Company Reels in Twitter

Cape May, NJ – One of Cape May’s oldest commercial fishing operations is throwing in a line in a new arena  – social media.

Lund’s Fisheries, headquartered on Ocean Drive, sells its fresh caught seafood to wholesale distributors who sell it to area restaurants and retail operations.

The problem, Wayne Reichle, vice president of Lund’s, says is that chefs often don’t know what the fishing boats are bringing in that week, so they can’t request or plan menus around the latest local catch.

Lund’s decided to try using social media company Twitter to reach the chefs directly. Here’s one of their recent Twitter posts:


While the company does not take orders directly from restaurants or consumers, Reichle hopes the Tweets stir up demand for fresh, local seafood versus frozen, imported seafood. He says local seafood can’t compete price wise with the imports. The key is raising demand for the local catch.

Lund’s also wants to use Twitter as a way to reach the company’s wholesale distributors and let them know when a boat is in. Often, a change in weather can change what seafood’s available.

As the company gets its Twitter sea legs, Reichle plans to use social media to educate the public about issues like sustainable fishing and fishing allocations.

Lund’s was one of a half dozen commercial fishing companies who contributed fresh seafood for the recent Cape May Seafood Festival.

You can follow Lund’s Fisheries on Twitter at  @LundFisheries.

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