West Cape May Farmer’s Market August Bounty 2014

Cape May, NJ -  August in Cape May is prime time for Jersey tomatoes and peaches and all that other good local stuff.  But you have to get to the West Cape May Farmer’s Market early if you want to score some Brandywines and Yellow Boys.  Business is booming at the Tuesday afternoon market this year.

The weekly farm market has been operating behind West Cape May’s Borough Hall since 2008. For the first time since the market opened, West Cape May Mayor Pam Kaithern says there’s a waiting list to be a vendor.

The market hosts a variety of food, crafts and vintage stands. Take out food stands selling everything from lemonade and BBQ to empanadas and crab cakes are all doing a brisk business.

Empanada Mama’s, for instance, is selling hundreds of the little, tasty pastry pockets stuffed with homemade fillings every week.

At the farm stands, the local food trend appears to be catching on. No Frills Farm reports a run not only on its tasty heirloom tomatoes but also on the hard to find yellow and purple string beans. Get there early. The farm stand sold out of both the tomatoes and the string beans last week.

At Fincas del Mar, a newcomer to the market, shoppers were grabbing the local okra this week as well as the organic Jersey tomatoes.

Kaithern says, as the years go by, more and more people know about the Tuesday afternoon market. And the weather hasn’t hurt. While Cape May got some rainy days this past month,  Tuesdays, for the most part, have been sunny all summer.

The market opens at 3PM on Tuesdays. The live music stars at 5PM and goes until 7PM. But remember, if you dilly dally and get there late, the big heirloom Jersey tomatoes might be gone. You have been warned.

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