The Grass is Always Greener in Cape May


Cape May, NJ – With the passing of the latest snow storm and half of winter behind us, Cape May still has green grass!

While some lawns have browned out for the winter, green patches can still be found along roadsides, near houses, and in protected areas.

Even those small areas that are now covered by a thin blanket of snow have not turned brown. It is a bit incongruous to see grass stems pushing through the one to two inches of snow.

Truth is, in most recent years, some of the grass in Cape May has remained green through much or all of the winter. Maybe some aspects of climate change aren’t so bad?

Compared to areas farther north and inland, Cape May’s climate is moderate and, in some ways, is almost like a Mediterranean climate.

We are nearly surrounded by ocean.  In winter, winds coming from most directions pass over that water, which warms the air before it passes over us.

It’s always a few degrees warmer here in fall and winter than in Philadelphia or North Jersey.


In fact, it can be downright pleasant on some winter days.  So much so that this family from Washington, DC bundled up and played a round of miniature golf in the middle of January near Sunset Beach.

Not all of  Cape May’s green grass is on lawns.

About Paul Kerlinger

Paul Kerlinger, Ph.D. is a scientist, author and nationally known expert on bird migration. He's done extensive studies on hawks, Snowy Owls and neotropical song birds. Kerlinger is the former director of the Cape May Bird Observatory, His books include How Birds Migrate and Flight Strategies of Migrating Hawks. He's an ardent fly fisherman and organic vegetable gardener.