Cape May Point Snow February 2015

Cape May Point, NJ – The quiet village of Cape May Point took on other worldly peacefulness, blanketed with a half foot of snow Tuesday.  It was the biggest snowfall of the year for the Cape May area. The only other significant storm dumped about two inches of snow in January. 

The new snow covered a thick layer of ice already in place thanks to the record cold.

One skater did a spin on Lily Lake in an imaginary hockey game. Not advisable BTW.  It might feel like Minnesota on the Atlantic in recent days, but our ice is not as thick as ice farther north.

Dog walkers explored the wind swept sand along the ice and snow covered Delaware Bay.  It was impossible to tell where the shore ended and the water began.

The Concrete Ship, or what’s left of it, was marooned in a sea of ice covered with snow. No scratchy Kate Smith soundtrack blaring God Bless America. Just the sound of the wind.

The steps to the Cape May Bird Observatory told the story.. Not a day for birders hunting migrants.

The tourists and birders might not have been there, but that just added to the serenity of this February snow for the couple of hundred year round Point residents. Summer will be here soon enough.

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About Jane Kashlak

Jane Kashlak - a journalist, gardener and Cape Island resident - is writing a book.