Cape May Snow February 2015, Spring Next?

Cape May, NJ – By 10 AM Thursday morning, Cape May already had four inches of snow and it was still falling lightly.

The Garden State Parkway was all but deserted, as were many local roads and streets. 02-26snow2
Time to break out those fancy snow removers, like the unicyle shovel outside the library.

Cape May hasn’t had much use for snow shovels this winter. Not too many serious snow storms around here this year.  Just one pretty two inch snowfall in January, another six inches of snow last week. And this one – four inches plus.

Compare that to last winter when we started the year with a light snowfall in December, followed up by three January snowstorms and another three in March.

It felt like the snow shovel never left the front porch last year.

Yet, this winter feels so much more wintery.

Perhaps it’s the bitter cold that has chilled us to the bone and left us with no warm feelings about anything related to ice or snow in Cape May.

Yes, of course, the town looks so nice in the snow.  Snow turns ordinary Cape May streets into virtual movie sets.

The snow even makes Star of the Sea, on the edge of the Washington Street Mall near the Fudge Kitchen, seem like a church in an English village.

Yes, it is so pretty. No argument here.

But, truthfully, Winter 2015 has worn us out.

We say enough, already.

Send in the Spring!


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