Record Breaking Cold in Cape May in February 2015


North Cape May, NJ – After relatively normal temperatures in December and January, who would have predicted that Cape May would get socked by record cold temperatures in February?

On the day after Valentine’s Day, it was nearly 20 degrees colder than normal in Cape May.  And we set two new records: a new maximum temperature for the day of only 23 degrees and a record average for the day of 16 and half degrees.

To put those numbers in perspective, the normal maximum temperature in Cape May for that day is 44 degrees. This February, eleven of the first 14 days of  the month have recorded below average temperatures!

These bone-chilling temperatures have frozen the Cape May Canal,  local ponds and even parts of the back bays, and the Delaware Bay.

How cold was it? Cold enough to stop one of the tough Cape May Lewes ferries in its tracks for a while this afternoon.

A massive build up of ice in the canal brought the afternoon ferry to a complete standstill for a time.  The ferry required some expert maneuvering, stalling, backing up, and finally a frontal assault on the canal ice. After 30 minutes,  the ferry finally was on its way to Lewes, Delaware.

No ferries have been canceled  but the Cape May Lewes Ferry website warns travelers to plan for delays because of the ice and cold.  With temperatures predicted to drop to 13 degrees tonight and reach no more than 28 degrees tomorrow,  scenes like today could be repeated.

There are more cold fronts on the way.  Thursday’s  low temperatures are predicted to drop below 10 degrees again. Normal weather isn’t in the short term forecast.

About Paul Kerlinger

Paul Kerlinger, Ph.D. is a scientist, author and nationally known expert on bird migration. He's done extensive studies on hawks, Snowy Owls and neotropical song birds. Kerlinger is the former director of the Cape May Bird Observatory, His books include How Birds Migrate and Flight Strategies of Migrating Hawks. He's an ardent fly fisherman and organic vegetable gardener.