Baby It’s Warm Outside – December 2015 in Cape May

Cape May, NJ – On December 27, the temperature hit a record breaking 70 degrees in Cape May. Warm enough for a brother and sister who were visiting from Baltimore to trade their winter jackets for swim suits.

Hard to believe.

This December in Cape May is shaping up to be the warmest on record.  Average monthly temperatures, average high temperatures and average low temperatures are all roughly 11 degrees higher than usual.

In all of December 2015 – the month of White Christmas and Santa Claus – we’ve had only five days when the temperatures have dipped below freezing.

How can that be? In Decembers past, the average daily low temperature was below freezing.

It’s no wonder that beach goers were shedding their Polartecs and wearing just their tee shirts for a Sunday beach stroll.

Some even broke out their shorts.

The weekend after Christmas in Cape May seemed like a replay of  Cape May’s Thanksgiving weekend – when temperatures set new high records.
Ironically, the post Christmas record temp of 70 degrees topped November’s record!

We haven’t had this kind of a warm kick off to winter since 2011, when December 2011 smashed Cape May’s old high temperature records.
That entire 2011-2012 winter was a warm one.

Who knows what’s in store for this winter.

Will we have more shirt sleeve weather and a warm winter like 2012 or record breaking cold like we had in February and March of this year?
Based on past history, either seems possible. Stay tuned.

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