Winter Storm Prep January 2016

Cape May, NJ -  Cape May was bracing late Friday afternoon for its share of the big snow storm heading up the East Coast.

As the snow started falling about 4PM,  crews had already shored up precious pieces of beach real estate, including Cape May Convention Hall. The hall was surrounded by a new sand dune fortress.


It’s not the snow but flooding and heavy winds that are the main worries for this area.

On Twitter the National Weather Service meteorologist for the region warned about the dangerous coastal winds on the way:

Some promenade benches were tucked out of the coming winds.

Construction crews, meanwhile, were building sand barriers in low lying spots like Philadelphia Beach, hoping to contain the expected monster high tides.

The worst flooding is expected Saturday, which coincidentally is also a full moon tide. Lower Township is warning residents who could be threatened by back bay tidal flooding to evacuate.

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