Cape May Flooding Round Two February 2016

Cape May, NJ – A few spots in Cape May felt the effect of this week’s New Moon tide. Just three weeks after flooding from January’s ferocious winter storm, this was the scene at the Lobster House restaurant in Cape May Tuesday morning.

Although most of Cape May was high and dry this time around, Cape May Harbor flooded portions of the Lobster House parking lot, all the way up to the front door.  The harbor waters topped flood stage by over a foot, reaching a height of 7.59 feet. That was about one foot under last month’s record level from the monster January storm.

The combination of a second winter storm plus the New Moon high tide caused morning flooding in low lying areas near Cape Island’s back bays. Across the highway from the Lobster House, a boat launch and a small portion of Lucky Bones’ parking lot was swallowed up by a rising Spicer’s Creek.

The entire area surrounding the Miss Chris Marina was covered by water,

including newly constructed luxury homes nearby. Luckily, the flooding from Tuesday’s high tide was gone by the afternoon.

Most of Cape Island was unaffected by the brief tidal flooding.

Unlike the flooding three weeks ago, this latest round of flooding seemed concentrated mostly near a few low lying back bay areas.

Cape Island Creek overflowed onto Elmira Street once again, but spared local shopkeepers in West Cape May who were still tallying up losses from the January floods.

It’s rare that Cape May sees flooding like this twice in one month. This time, two winter storms three weeks apart just happened to coincide with both Full Moon and New Moon high tides.

Lucky for the Cape May area, the flooding was short lived.

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