How Cold was it? Ice on the Bay February 2016

North Cape May, NJ -  The coldest weekend of the year brought the first real signs of winter at the shore – ice forming along the edge of the Delaware Bay.  It looked as though the waves along a stretch of beachfront in North Cape May simply had frozen in place Sunday.

While the temperature dipped down to 12 degrees on Valentine’s Day morning, the wind chill in the Cape May area hit a frigid five below zero. Certainly nothing like the cold temperatures in Boston this weekend. But pretty amazing, considering what a warm December we had in Cape May this year.

The brutal cold and ice didn’t stop some intrepid dog walkers from making their daily rounds.

And the ice didn’t stop the Cape May Lewes ferry either. Last year, thick ice on the bay brought the ferry to a stop.

Looks like we’re getting lucky this year. This cold spell, and the bay ice, should melt away by tomorrow.

The National Weather Service predicts temperatures in the Cape May area will go above freezing Monday and hit a balmy 51 degrees on Tuesday.

Maybe the groundhog was right after all.

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