Cape May Heats Up March 2016

Cape May, NJ – Could it really be just five days ago that we were posting photos of a snowstorm in Cape May?

From parkas to bathing suits in just five days. Today was a record breaker for sure.  We might not have hit 80 degrees as they did in Philadelphia, but we easily broke through the 70 degree record for Cape May on March 9, set back in 2000.

Coeds on spring break from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania took advantage of the sudden warm spell to start working on their tans a little early.

The National Weather Service says the temperature hit 72 degrees Wednesday afternoon at the Cape May County Airport. The Weather Channel upped that to 75 degrees from another Cape May location.

No matter what the temperature was, three University of Pittsburgh students were soaking up as much March sun as they could before heading back to school.

Other beach goers opted for a more covered up look – you just never know about that sea breeze, after all.

Seems like Spring has unofficially begun.  The National Weather Service says this winter – December through February – was the warmest on record for the entire country. They’re not even waiting for March to wrap up.

On Cape May’s beach, it was just like a spring day – everyone doing their own thing.  Some were walking Fido.

One young lady was curled up with a good book on her beach chair.

A friendly game of volleyball was going on near the Convention Hall Beach.

Others preferred to dip their toes in the still chilly ocean water.

But why even bother dealing with all that sand when you could get some rays on the promenade, while sipping a nice latte? In your shorts, of course.

Was all of this really happening in Cape May today, March 9th?  Yes it was.

Now aren’t you sorry you’re not at your beach house right now?


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