Cape May Garden Club – Flowers at an Exhibition 2016

Cape May, NJ -  For some of us, the Garden Club’s annual exhibition at Cape May Convention Hall was simply a room filled with colorful bursts of plant energy brightening up a very rainy Friday afternoon in May.

But many of the visitors were much more discerning. Those in the know knew what to look for. A dozen or so different categories each had their own design style rules to follow, and their own winners.

The theme of this collection of flower arrangements was Sweet Sixteen.  The pink roses, the first place winner for the category, got a serious look over.  

A blue ribbon meant first place. In this case the flower arrangement in the middle won the ribbon for the Family Reunion category.

A red ribbon meant second place. This second place winner was in the Garden Wedding category.

Just like in an art museum, you could pick out the serious floral students. They studied each arrangement intently.

In some cases, you just had to go in for a sniff.

The Garden Club of Cape May graciously offered homemade cookies and punch to go with the floral treats.
Not a bad way at all to spend a rainy May afternoon.


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