Cape May’s New Beach July 2016

Cape May, NJ – Imagine their surprise. When many summer tourists left Cape May’s Cove Beach last year, the ocean stretched so deeply into the cove, the waves exposed the old rock jetty and threatened to slice the beach into two.


Cove Beach Last October 2015

Here’s that same beach this past July 4th weekend.
Many of the beach goers, even some life guards, would have been sitting in the ocean a year ago.

Cove Beach has been reborn and Mother Nature’s powerful storms get the credit. Those storms helped shift the sands and reshape Cove Beach.

A beach pass checker and her blue umbrella are now staked out squarely on top of what was the old black rock jetty.

A remnant of the beach pond that was carved out during one of the storms is the only reminder that, just last year, sea water once covered much of what is now sand.
The Tweed family from Annapolis, Maryland are regular Cape May visitors.

They couldn’t have been more surprised and delighted with the new beach. new-cove5
They tried out the new Cove Beach over the July 4th weekend. Very family friendly, they described it.

Because of the cove’s natural protection, Cove Beach has always had gentler waves than other ocean beaches. It just never had much sand.

Now there’s plenty of sand for everyone’s umbrellas.


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