Secret Gardens: Cape May’s Backyards June 2016

Cape May, NJ -   Stroll along some of Cape May’s picture perfect streets and, after a while, the hydrangeas on the picket fence just won’t be enough.  If you’re the curious type, you want to know – what’s in the backyard?

The Cape May Forum thought you’d never ask.

The group organized a backyard sampler tour in June and, no surprise, sold out all the tickets. Of course. Everyone wanted to take a peek.

So what’s back there? An amazing variety of backyard styles.

Hidden behind a traditional home on Cape May Avenue, there was  a very non traditional solution to lettuce loving rabbits – a high rise veggie garden.

On Michigan Avenue, the patio of a classic Cape May cottage had an unexpected water view:


The ultimate boxwood garden graced a backyard on Jefferson street.

And who knew there was a lush herb garden tucked behind a house on shady Corgie Street?

Just a block or so away, you’d never guess a a garden gazebo was wedged into a tiny backyard, looking for all the world like a woodland retreat..

Since space is at a premium in many Cape May gardens, perhaps the biggest surprise of the whole tour was a house on Washington street with a double lot devoted solely to gardening.

The Cape May Forum included ten backyards on this year’s tour. We’re already looking forward to next year’s tour.


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