What’s Going on with Rotary Park? July 2016 Update

Cape May, NJ – Rotary Park looks a lot different now than it did just three months ago. 

Although work on the park is still underway, you can see some dramatic changes:  a new bandstand taking shape,  a fountain at the center of the square, a new sod lawn, custom Ipe wood benches and brand new paver walkways.

Cape May’s Mayor was hoping to cut the ribbon on the brand new Rotary Park on July first.  An engineer on site says it looks like opening day won’t be happening until the end of the month.
That’s because one big part of the project is not yet complete – the new bandstand.

Summer tourists looking for the bandstand will have to look for an entirely different structure in a brand new place.

The old wooden bandstand was demolished and an elaborate iron framework, made in Great Britain, has been rising from a concrete platform on the northern edge of the park.

Tom Carroll, one of the movers and shakers behind the new Rotary Park, was on hand last week as workers began assembling the roof of the bandstand.

Carroll says the new bandstand will echo the look of the Cape May Stage building. He says the bandstand’s no longer in the center of the park because the summer music concerts sometimes interfered with Cape May Stage productions across the street.

So, now there’s a brand new fountain taking center stage in Rotary Park.

The bandstand is being erected on Decatur Street.

The new bandstand’s roof was hoisted onto the iron supports today.

A matching wrought iron fence eventually will enclose the park.

Many free July bandstand concerts had to be cancelled while the work continues, but Carroll says those concerts will be rescheduled for August, once the bandstand and park are finished.


It’s going to be a very busy August.


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