August Record Heat Wave at the Beach 2016

Cape May, NJ – On Sunday, the hottest day of the year – a record setting 99 degrees according to National Weather Service statistics — the cool, blue ocean water beckoned. But beach goers had to cross a strip of white hot sand to get there.

Some ran over the scorching sand, others tried to tip toe. Ouch!

There were few places to hide from the brilliant sunshine.

Sunday’s record high of 99 beat out a previous record for that day set back in 1926 (93 degrees.)

The Weather Service stats show the heat index reached an amazing 106 degrees at the Cape May County Airport Sunday afternoon. The ocean water temperature hit a bathtub like 84 degrees.

It sure wasn’t the day to be selling candles.
Carol and Mark from River Road Candle works said the candle sales dried up once the temperature hit 90.

The Delaware candle makers were two of the many crafts vendors with booths on Cape May’s Promenade this weekend.

Some vendors said most potential customers were making a beeline for the ocean. No one wanted to stop and shop in the heat.

The ladies at Slink-Ette Bracelets couldn’t compete with the weather. They and several others closed up shop early.

The entire month of August has been astoundingly hot and dry in the Cape May area.

Cape May’s average temperature for the month so far is five degrees higher than usual.  To go along with those scorching temps, we haven’t had any rain in the first half of the month.

July at the shore was also much hotter and drier than usual. Cape May had average temperatures three degrees hotter than usual in July.  We got only about half as much rain as usual last month.

As a result, we have had some truly beautiful blue skies this summer.

Now some clouds and rain would be very welcome.

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