Cape May Labor Day Storm On the Way 2016

Cape May, NJ – Friday, the start of Labor Day weekend 2016, and it was business as usual in Cape May. Beach goers headed to the beaches.  Shoppers filled the Washington Street Mall. Flags were out everywhere. From all outward appearances, nothing seemed amiss.

Yet even as visitors sat on the deck of Cape May Convention Hall peacefully enjoying the sea view, Cape May was already under a Tropical Storm warning, as a result of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hermine.

The forecasts are being updated continuously, but meteorologists all agree that a very serious storm will be on Cape May’s doorstep by late Saturday or early Sunday.

We are expecting Tropical force winds and flooding to lash the coast for several days. Some models predict that Tropical Storm Hermine will reinvent herself as a hurricane. Where? Just off Cape May’s coast.

Flooding is expected to be as bad or worse than January’s record floods in Cape May. (See photos of January storm.) 

We could see inundation of up to three feet in some areas. Winds could reach 70 miles per hour. (Higher if Hermine becomes a hurricane.) And the worst of it: this storm will stick around for several days.

Here’s NOAA’s latest graphic showing the path of the storm at this moment:

We’ve never had such a powerful storm stuck in place for several days along our shoreline.

Friday’s peaceful beach scene will look a lot different in 24 hours. Travel will become a major problem. Massive power outages are expected.

Best course of action for visitors – cut short your weekend getaway and come back another time.
Many Labor Day events are being canceled because of the storm. You won’t miss anything. Just be safe.


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