Cape May Says No Evacuations for Hermine

Cape May, NJ -  Cape May’s Mayor says there’s no need for visitors to evacuate for Tropical Storm Hermine. Although both Avalon and Stone Harbor ‘s offices of emergency management are urging voluntary evacuations, Cape May will not do the same.

Mayor Mahaney told Cape May Times today the storm is not serious enough to warrant evacuations. “This is not another Sandy.” he said.

The Mayor believes the biggest threat from the approaching storm is extensive beach erosion.  He says a multi million dollar plan to replenish the beaches after the storm is already in the works.

Mahaney was on the deck of the Cape May Convention Center this afternoon, doing an interview with the Weather Channel. The Weather Channel crew is in Cape May to cover Tropical Storm Hermine’s impact.

Meteorologists have been closely following several forecast models, trying to determine just how hard the Jersey shore will be be affected by the storm. The models do not agree on an ultimate path for the unpredictable Hermine. Some put the storm farther out to sea, others bring it closer to land.

Cape May should start seeing major storm impacts by Sunday.

Today, locals and visitors spent the day at the water’s edge, watching the ocean start to churn.

This Labor Day weekend storm has not stopped tourists from coming to Cape May. (Click for more about Hermine in Cape May. ) 

In fact, the streets were jammed this afternoon.

To not interfere with the beach holiday, Cape May waited until yesterday evening to have bulldozers erect a sand dune between Convention Hall and the ocean. The hope is that dune  (below) will stop storm waters from encroaching on the oceanfront building.

Cape May Times will continue to cover this developing story. Check our news blog for the latest info and photos on Hermine. Or follow our updates on Twitter: 

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