Hermine and Cape May’s Beach, Labor Day 2016

Cape May, NJ – Waves crashed on Cape May beaches Labor Day afternoon, a parting gift from Tropical Storm Hermine.

After much commotion and anticipation, Hermine barely breezed by New Jersey, yet she has begun reshaping local beaches.

At high tide Monday, the Cove Beach sand bar all but disappeared.
It looked like the old Cove again.

Tuesday, the water was so deep, people were swimming where once there had been sand.

Part of the beach’s new look – a now you see it now you don’t Second Ave. jetty.

Before the storm hit, storm watchers stood on the edge of the jetty watching early waves building.

One day later, Monday, a good part of the jetty was submerged at high tide. Those same storm watchers would have been in the ocean.

Tides were higher than usual both Monday and Tuesday, although not nearly as high as originally expected.

Cape May Harbor’s high tide Tuesday hit 6.74 feet.

High tide along the Delaware Bay approached the moderate flood stage today, coming in at 7.19 feet. The unusually choppy waters covered a good portion of Sunset Beach near Alexander Avenue in Cape May Point.

It was not just the high tides Hermine left behind. Hotel and bed and breakfast rooms throughout town were vacant – not typical for early September.

Friday, the start of the Labor Day weekend, weather forecasting models predicted a potential record breaking tide and major tropical storm force winds. Events were cancelled. Tourists left town early. Some never came.

Local merchants who lost precious end of summer Labor Day weekend business ended up being the unpredictable storm’s real victims.

Yet we were very lucky Hermine decided to skip Cape May this year.

Imagine if this fickle lady had indeed swept into town as anticipated.

Yes, Cape May got lucky once again.


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