When it Rains It Pours in Cape May September 2016

Cape May, NJ – After an arid end of summer that left the Cape May area in the early stages of a drought, the weather did an about face and dropped more than four inches of rain on Cape Island Monday.

The sudden gusher, while very welcome, flooded low lying streets for part of the day.


Perhaps the most dramatic flooding took place at West Cape May’s Wilbraham Park, which became a temporary island.

Across the street, work was halted on the new Cape May Bakers annex to the West End Garage, as flood waters lapped up against the building facade.

West End Garage had to close early. Sandbags were piled outside the door. The flooding was reminiscent of the floods after the January 2016 Nor’easter.

Despite the inconvenience, the rain was badly needed. Even Tropical Storm Hermine over the Labor Day weekend failed to deliver any significant rainfall.

Cape May had officially been declared “abnormally dry,”  the first stage of a drought.

Although the sunny, dry weather was great for beach tourists, many plants and lawns have been suffering from the extreme dryness.

It didn’t take much rain yesterday to turn the grass green again.


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Jane Kashlak - a journalist, gardener and Cape Island resident - is writing a book.