Cape May Autumn Pumpkins 2016

Cape May, NJ -  When the last Jersey tomatoes are gone, and fresh, local peaches are just a memory, pumpkins step up to the plate. Those bright orange orbs shout “fall”  loud and clear.

In Cape May, on one of those perfect October days when the sky is blue and the fall air is still warm, it’s time to take an afternoon off and go pumpkin hunting.

Just don’t expect all Cape May pumpkins to look the same.

If you happened to be passing by Elaine’s on Lafayette Street, you’ll see what we mean. A rather nonchalant pumpkin is sitting on a swing by the street.  Take a few steps around the corner and you’ll find his friend hanging out by the side porch.

They are certainly not your typical pair of jack-o-lanterns.

Neither is that pumpkin scarecrow with a wedge of cheese on his head.  You’ll have to go to the Emlen Physick Estate’s annual Scarecrow Alley to see this guy.

We understand his name is Steve. You can almost hear Steve the pumpkin saying – have a Gouda day.

While you’re at the Physick Estate, check out the pumpkin masquerading as the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz.

The kids from West Cape May Elementary cooked this one up. Lots of artists over in West Cape May. And a lot of Halloween fans.

As a matter of fact, on Broadway in West Cape May we found a classic, Cape May pumpkin doorscape at The Eldredge House.

Loved this look. Check out how the pumpkins seem so casually arranged. Right out of Coastal Living.

Same with the pumpkin tableau outside Madame’s Port on the Washington Street Mall.

Notice how every pumpkin is carefully placed on that just-happens-to-be-there bale of hay?  Other Washington Street Mall  stores also are decorating for Halloween, getting ready for the annual Halloween Parade this Sunday.

The Whales Tale knocked it out of the park with a pumpkin-faced witch. Talk about a Halloween two for one.

Impressed by the creative pumpkin decorations?

Stroll over to the White Dove Cottage on Hughes Street for one last interpretation of the pumpkin as autumn art.

A row of tiny pumpkins, almost identical in size, sits on top of the inn’s porch railing. How could you not love this look?

Sometimes nothing beats simplicity. Let’s just hope we don’t get any strong winds.

Note: Cape May Halloween Parade, Sunday, October 23, starts at 2PM at the corner of Perry Street and Carpenters Lane.

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