Record Rainfall in Cape May September 2016

Cape May, NJ -  There was water, water everywhere in the last half of this very wet September.  Cape May got a whopping 11.06 inches of rain last month. That’s the wettest September here since the National Weather Service started keeping records in the 1800′s.

To put it in perspective, we got almost as much rain in September as we got during Hurricane Sandy, back in October 2012.  Yeah. That much.

The bulk of the rain came in two intense batches.

Just this week, we watched over 5 inches of rain fall in in less than 24 hours, from September 29th through September 30th.rainflood
Some low lying areas, like the Lobster House, were swamped. The rain came down so fast, the water had no where to go.

Waves along Cape May Harbor came very close to a parked pick up truck nearby.

Overall, this latest storm did not cause nearly as much flooding as the storm earlier in the month.

That storm, on September 19th, brought more than four inches of rain and much more flooding to the area.


September 19th Flooding

(Click for more  photos of the September 19th flooding.)

September was a month of extremes, weather wise.

When the month began, we were in a serious drought, after an August heat wave.

Then, threats of Tropical Storm Hermine put a damper on Labor Day plans.
Ironically, that storm barely brushed by Cape May, leaving us with only an eighth of an inch of rain. Two weeks late, the real deluge began.

Of course, all of these weather events take their toll on the beaches. The tidal pool at Cove Beach seems to grow larger with every storm.  (The city of Cape May actually tried to fill in the pool. See photos.)

Here’s what the Cove Beach Lake looked like on Saturday:

Cape May must have learned that even city government has its limits.
We’ll wait and see what Mother Nature has in store for us next.

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