Gorgeous Cape May Snow January 30, 2017

Cape May, NJ – January 2017 is coming to a close with an ethereal, amazingly beautiful early morning snowfall.  We got about two inches overall.

If you were up early, this is what you saw:

The heavy, wet snow coated every tree, shrub and picket fence in sight. Washington Street turned into an ice palace.

We had a bigger snowstorm three weeks ago, but, because of the winds, the effect was not the same.

This was THE snowfall for a morning beach walk. A Goldilocks kind of snow morning- not too chilly, not too windy, just the right amount of flakes to give it that Bing Crosby look.

The snow gave everything a new life. The wooden tent frames on the beach became instant art works.

The bikes on Perry Street looked like they were frozen in time.

As were the lawn chairs, waiting patiently for the summer.

You could almost hear the sounds of the Lima Bean Festival echoing through the regal looking Wilbraham Park trees.

The town seemed to be in temporary hibernation. No one was out and about. Too bad. They missed it.

The snow didn’t stay long. By early afternoon, the two inches or so was almost gone.

You’ll just have to believe the pictures.  It was an amazingly beautiful morning in Cape May. Really and truly.


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