Cape May’s First Snow January 2017

Cape May, NJ – The first snowfall of the season was a chiller of a storm. The six plus inches of snow Saturday came with the coldest day of the year so far – temperatures dropped 8 degrees overnight to the 20′s.

Along the oceanfront, two brave local women who thought it might be nice to take a walk on a snowy beach ended up running as fast as they could from the bitter cold winds – - gusts were as high as 28 miles per hour – whipping up the snow and sand.

Whose idea was this anyway? they asked each other as they stopped to pose for a photo.

Aside from the Cape May Times photographer with frostbitten fingers, there were few other folks braving the intense winter storm.

Not only were streets empty, even the Garden State Parkway almost disappeared under Saturday’s blowing snow.


The Queen Victoria’s Innkeeper Doug McMain was a solitary figure shoveling show late in the afternoon on Ocean Avenue.

McMain said there were still visitors in town for the weekend – the Queen Victoria had about 40 guests.
The real challenge was finding a restaurant open for dinner.

Even Lucky Bones, that Cape May stalwart, was closed Saturday night. What a rare shot – an empty Lucky Bones parking lot.

The snow storm came so soon after Christmas, many holiday decorations were still up, including those in Cape May’s new park. The park got its inaugural coating of snow.

The same park looked a lot different during the last snowstorm back in March of 2016.

Although even the marshes were snow covered and it looked like the start of a long, cold winter, the word from the weather people is that a big defrost is on the way later this week.

Good news for those so us who still have not planted spring daffodil bulbs.


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