Pier House – What’s Happening?

Cape May, NJ -  Seems like a long time since a restaurant stood on the corner of Beach and Pittsburgh Aves.  The Pier House was demolished a year ago, and soon after that, new construction started, then stopped.  Now, word from the construction site: The Pier House is rising again. A foreman on the site said the building’s concrete pad will be poured in the next week or two. Construction starts in earnest after the New Year.

The restaurant might have been MIA all these months, but the food was not.

The owner of the Pier House, George Mallous, has been operating incognito at a new breakfast place near the Acme in the enter of Cape May.

Egg and Dart had been serving up a menu with a Greek theme, while its owner has been waiting for the Pier House to be rebuilt. In addition to the feta omelets,  Mallous’ breakfast spot might be the only place in town where you can get pork belly hash, not a standard Cape May menu item.  One dish combines poached eggs, arugula and hollandaise sauce with the hash.

It’s become very popular with the after church crowd on Sundays.  But what happens to Egg and Dart when the Pier House reopens? That’s the question. If you want to try the pork belly hash, there’s no time like the present.

The Pier House reopening won’t take place until at least Memorial Day, according to the construction foreman. Mallous thinks it’ll be more like the 4th of July. 

No definite answer yet on the future of Egg and Dart or Mallous’ other new venture Mythos, in the former Frescoes site, when the Pier House is back.  Mallous says he’s keeping his options open.   Not a bad idea, considering the construction history at Beach and Pittsburgh.


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