Snow in Cape May December 2017

Cape May, NJ – Five years. That’s how long it’s been since Cape May’s had a major snowfall in December. No wonder this past weekend’s snow felt so unusual.  Just the other day we were wearing sweaters.  Saturday we had to hunt fast for those water proof shoes if we were going to take photos of this pretty white blanket of early snow.

Cape May got a total of five inches of snow over two days. You wouldn’t have recognized the Cove Saturday as the storm blew in. This was the view from the most popular promenade bench in Cape May. The sky stayed gray for most of the day.

The heavy snow weighed down evergreens and coated tree branches. Wilbraham Park and other spots around West Cape May were just too pretty for words.


Of course, the snow didn’t stop birders at Cape May Point State Park from their weekly Saturday morning walk.

Sunday, two more inches of snow fell, than, just as quickly as it covered the beach, the snow started melting and the sky turned blue. snow3
For all of you weather affionados, this was Cape May’s biggest December snowfall since 2010. That was the year we got 16 inches in the pre-Christmas blizzard.  (Stats courtesy of the National Weather Service.) We did get a smattering of holiday snow in December three years ago – barely an inch.

Maybe this will count as our white Christmas this year.


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