Cape May Blizzard January 2018

Cape May, NJ -  Almost 24 hours after the snow from the Big Blizzard of 2018 stopped falling, stiff winds still were blowing snow across Beach Avenue and other major roadways in the area. The National Weather Service says Cape May officially got ten inches of snow, Cape May Court House, just ten miles north, got 17 inches of snow.

Road crews were struggling to open up a second lane at a critical  junction on Seashore Road, at the entrance to the West Cape May Bridge Friday.  The winds kept moving snow from an open farm field onto the road almost as fast as the crews could clear it. In some spots, snow drifts that encroached on roads were as deep as four feet.

One access road disappeared under the blowing snow.
The Big Blizzard of 2018 came with some big winds. Captain Ray from The Tiderunner measured 60 mile per hour wind gusts at the height of the storm. This was the junction of New England and Bayshore Roads late Thursday.

During the blizzard, police banned all non emergency traffic from roadways.  Travel was impossible anyway.  Some homes lost their Comcast cable, internet and phone service for several hours.

Friday, locals emerged to start the massive dig out. Not an easy job.

The inches of heavy snow combined with the icy winds made for an unusually difficult snow removal.  It was the kind of day when a simple snow shovel just didn’t do the trick. 


The blizzard closed many Cape May stalwarts like the Lobster House and Lucky Bones. While the Lobster House reopened Friday, Lucky Bones started digging out but remained closed for a second day.

Even Uncle Bills in North Cape May, the perennial breakfast spot that’s open all year round, closed. They reopened Friday, a little later than usual.

Cape May hasn’t had snow like this since the 2010 blizzard. Back then we got ten inches of snow in a late January storm followed by more than two feet of snow during a February blizzard a week later.

This week’s snowfall was Cape May’s second major snowfall so far this season.  The first snowfall for the winter came last month.  

If you didn’t have to do any digging, the Blizzard of 2018 left some pretty pictures behind.





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