4/2 Daily New Coronavirus Cases Double


Cape May, NJ – Despite state efforts to keep people at home, Cape May County’s coronavirus cases have jumped. For the first time in two weeks, daily COVID-19 cases more than doubled from the day before. Sixteen new people were confirmed to have the virus Thursday. That compares to seven Wednesday.

A total of 49 people have contracted the coronavirus since health officials started keeping count in mid-March. While the number sounds small compared to outbreaks in places like New York and elsewhere, the growth is getting steeper.

The known cases have almost doubled in two days.


That doubling sends a big red flag to statisticians.

Paul Kerlinger, a biostatistics expert, says the county trend line is now heading straight up. Based on the data, Kerlinger says hundreds more cases are possible by the end of next week.

“We reached an inflection point this week,” he said. “Now we should expect an almost vertical growth in local COVID-19 cases.”

Change in Age

More than half  of the new people stricken with the illness are over 60. That’s in contrast to previous Cape May County cases which skewed younger.

Here’s the County Heath Department’s breakdown, by age, of all reported cases so far:

  • 21 people are over 60
  • 13 people are in their 40′s and 50′s
  • 13 people are 35 or younger


While these early cases are spread throughout the county, Lower Township and Middle Township have a few more than the rest.

In an effort to keep visitors from flooding into the area, Lower Township enacted a tough new ban on vacation rentals this week.

Here’s the County’s latest breakdown by town:

April 2
Avalon 6 Sea Isle City 1
Cape May City 3 Stone Harbor 0
Cape May Point 0 Upper Twp 5
Dennis Twp 3 West Cape May 0
Lower Twp 10 West Wildwood 0
Middle Twp 8 Wildwood 4
North Wildwood 3 Wildwood Crest 4
Ocean City 2 Woodbine 0


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